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Done, done and done!

Hi everyone, I am finally done with my classes! Woohoo! Yippie! Hurrah!

It's been a long journey into the world of Motorcycle and Scooter Mechanics and I thank each and every one of you who helped me realize my dream.

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Photos (Video & Music) from NHRA 2011

I know it's a little late, but I wanted to share my experience at NHRA 2011 :)

Photos were taken by me, and as such, I hold the exclusive copyright (2011) to them.

SoCal 16th Annual Two-Stroke Extravaganza 2012

The SoCal 16th Annual Two- Stroke Extravaganza

This year the Annual SoCal Two-Stoke Extravaganza was held at Wicked Motorsports in Garden Grove CA. Where hundreds of 2-strokes machines come together for an awesome event. There were vintage motorcycles to 2-stroke bicycles. Pretty much anything with a 2-stroke engine was out there. The past event was held at Cook’s Corner in the Trabuco Canyons but this year Wicked Motorsports shut down the whole block for a smoky and obnoxiously loud 2-stroke party. With a live band, food, drinks, in house dyno, and awesome builds from all over Southern California. What else could you ask for?

The view from the streets where the 2-strokers filled the street with smoke. It was jammed packed with bikes on the streets, between the building and even filled up in the back of the buildings.

As we made our way to the back, this cool chromed out Yamaha was on display. It wasn’t complete but you can already tell that it’s going to be a great looking bike when finished.

Tony’s aka Kiwi2Racing water cooled 2t Honda Ruckus. Tony is everywhere, from organizing rides to showing his Honda Ruckus at all the SoCal events.

The guys hanging out under the shade since it felt like 100+ degrees. We had the back lot pretty much all to ourselves.

Great way to end the summer off with an amazing event thanks to Wicked Motorsports.

KTM Duke Modifications with Ixil Silincer

Cannot [in] denying,… KTM Duke 200representing motor which enough [is] unique… than used design until used part even also rather to be compared to differing [of] motor [at] [is] same segment …!!! Kusus To  KTM Lovers modify of course ride him wish to come up more kinclong… 
ixil silincer

naaagh [at] KTM Duke case 200 trying to be married with IXIL siencerpartz…
where this product represent output from Matador Spanyol country ….!!! Besides using IXIL Silencer… also seen to use guard hand from Acerbis 
ktm duke 200 modifications

 this [is] Ixil Silencer rather unique… its for looking like like cone slash aka trumpet… special for the KTM OF Duke 200 using IXIL X55 type …!!! This Silencer [is] made from steel stainless as well as dipolish …!!! This Silencer [is] also provided with Db Killer… so that can relative weaken hard voice which yielded …!!! To KTM Duke owner 200… besides can use IXIL X55 can also use L3X type which in form of hyperflow dual 

 Last,… besides IXIL silencer… [at] KTM Duke motor 200 also use handguard from Acerbis… yaaagh besides more safety also motor will come up more style… and as according to ' theme' KTM Duke 200 …!!! Modificationrest use various striping… adapted for [by] [is] motor colour …!!! Idea modify as examplizeing above… just earning applied [by] [at] other motor… of course aspect ' according to' also require to be reckoned …!!! Saza darling… this IXIL Silencer nope there [is] its distributor in Indonesia… most also [in] neighbouring state

The Honda Ruckus Carburetor: Keihin NVK

The Honda Ruckus Constant Velocity Carburetor


The Honda Ruckus has been around since 2003 but the one thing that has been constant is that it uses a carburetor instead of fuel injection. Fuel injection has been a recent change in scooters, but even though the 2012 Honda Metropolitan is fuel injected, the Honda Ruckus is still using the Constant Velocity (CV) carburetor. Why is the CV Carburetor still used and what kind of Ruckus parts can we use to make it work better?

The Constant Velocity Carburetor is the OEM carburetor in the Honda Ruckus. It is made by the Japanese vehicle engine management company, Keihin, who has been in business since December of 1956. It started out as an automobile parts repair and processing facility and it wasn’t until September of 1957, when they started producing carburetors for the Honda Dream motorcycle and Fuji Heavy Industries Rabbit scooter. The carburetor model for the Ruckus is the NVK, but does use Main Jets for the FCR Carburetor. The FCR is a variable Venturi carburetor and not the same as the NVK, it is just that the Main Jets are. The Slow Jets come from a DVK Carburetor that is in Kawasaki V-Twin ATVs like the KFX-700 V-Force, which is a CV Carburetor and it may be a deviation of the Keihin CVK. It, however, does not use the same Main Jet as the FCR or the NVK.

Tuning the Ruckus carburetor is the same for any CV, Variable Venturi, or Fixed Venturi carburetor; you use the Plug Chop method and change your air/fuel mixture screw and main and pilot jets to tune accordingly. The only issue that arises is the difficulty to procure main jets at the time of this article. Keihin, for a reason not given to us, has not produced enough jets to keep up with demand. It is entirely possible that the main cause is a switch by many motorcycle manufacturers to fuel injection. As stated before, Keihin is an engine management company; which means they also manufacture ECUs, fuel injectors, and other EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) components. With the Metropolitan and Zoomer, the overseas name for the Ruckus, becoming Fuel Injected bikes, the demand for jets for the NVK carburetor is down in demand except for here in the North American Continent where the Ruckus is still a carbureted bike.

So, what can be done? There isn’t much, sadly I must report. Until those jets are produced by Keihin or another aftermarket manufacturer, there is not solution except custom modification. This means finding ways to shim the needle and/or opening or closing the main jet for the perfect fueling. Shimming the needle wouldn’t be too difficult and is easily reversible; however modifying the main jet would not be easily reversible. While we do not recommend, and highly request that you do not, do this modification, you can use solder to close up a main jet and drill it out to enlarge it. Again, we do not recommend this modification as once you perform it, you will never get the jets back to the way they were. Shimming the needle is easy and can be undone; the problem lies with finding a shim thin enough to work. Brass washers are very thin and could work, but I have no data to confirm this other than knowing this is how Harley Davidson CV carburetors are modified. They also use a Keihin CV carburetor, but the CVK is not the same as the NVK.

KTM Adventure 1190 Spyshot and Analisis

KTM Adventure 1190 dual purposes in the previous segment, the manufacturer BMW dominate ... also invited other manufacturers to play well in the same segment ...!! After his Multistrada ducati with ... manufacturer Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200 with ... manufacturer KTM is also to play ... and now it appears spy shot for KTM Adventure 1190 ...!!! Spy shot that appeared was tested by a reporter from Motorrad Magazine ...!!

  KTM Adventure 1190 is expected to be visible to the public at the event in November 2012 EICMA not ...!! Reportedly traction motor is pretty smooth ...
and need u know KTM Adventure 1190  engine is still using the V-Twin ...!! Above 7500 RPM it still feels the vibration ... and it could be from the results of these trials need to reform ...!! In addition to its function ... design factors influenced the purchasing decisions of consumers to take ...!! Last, ... on homemade KTM motorcycle ... if you are curious about the KTM Adventure1190, please see his videos below

Jakarta Motorcycle Show (JMCS 2012)

JAKARTA - Turns addition to the mat Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2012, Indonesia will also be a public automobile exhibition in his two-wheel vehicles in Indonesia, Jakarta Motorcycle Show (JMCS) 2012.
Jakarta Motorcycle Show (JMCS 2012) will begin on October 31, 2012 is open until 4 November 2012 at the Assembly Hall and Main Lobby
, Jakarta Convention Center. This biennial exhibition organized by the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), took Dyandra Promosindo.

On the mat Jakarta Motorcycle Show, the entire motorcycle brands listed on AISI like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and TVS will be present. Also there are other brands like Ducati, KTM, Victory and Husqvarna. Certainly, at this time JMCS 2012, two-wheeled
car manufacturers in Indonesia will feature a new engine variant, or variants of their motor concept.

Not only motorcycle manufacturer, more than 30 companies supporting industries such as helmets and accessories take part in the event, which was opened for five days in Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2012

JMCS this year's theme of "Think Green, Act Safely". The themes raised focus on increasing awareness of motorists in traffic discipline, rider safety and minimize environmental damage.

"With the theme of Think Green, Act Safely, JMCS 2012 and invites the visitors JMCS and consumers throughout Indonesia for more care and take an active role in the drive and discipline to make our environment more comfortable," said Abiyoso Wietono, Automotive Division Manager Dyandra Promosindo in the press release.
Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2012 will be on closed 4 November 2012.

Honda Ruckus and Yamaha Zuma Stretching

If there is a common theme in Honda Ruckus Parts and Yamaha Zuma Parts, it is stretching the bikes out. However, how do they achieve that look? How is it really done and is there a purpose? What started this trend?

Stretching a scooter like the Honda Ruckus and the Zuma 125 isn’t very hard to do. Actually, the harder question to answer is where the trend originated. The common answer is that it started with the big bikes and their extended swing arms. Hill Climb Dirt Bikes, with their crazy big engine, nitrous fed, insanity used a stretched swing arm to overcome gravity and make the bike more stable going uphill with all of that crazy power. If not, they would probably end up going backwards far more often than up the hill. It also came from the drag bikes, with their longer swing arms to also overcome the power of the engine from lifting up the front of the bike as much as possible to keep it going with full throttle blasts. What it is doing is reducing the anti-squat of the rear wheel by decreasing the angle between the horizontal plane and the swing arm. It’s like changing the pivot point on a seesaw; the longer the unloaded end of the lever, the easier it is for the unloaded end to move the loaded end.

Some guys then saw the drag bikes and though, “hey, that looks cool!” Thus more and more street bikes began to stretch their sing arms to reproduce that same look. They weren’t after the gains in straight line speed, but just how the bike looked. Of course what happens in the big bike world also happens in the scooter bike world. Someone saw that big bike with its stretch and though, “I want me scooter to look like that!” Soon, from those custom jobs came the first stretch kits and the rest is history. Currently, there are many, many manufacturers of stretch kits for your Honda Ruckus, Yamaha Zuma, and even swapped engines. They range from stretches that look cool to guys who are hardcore about their drag racing scooters. They even range from weld to bolt in kits as well as from a couple of inches to over 12 inch stretches!

While it doesn’t matter how the stretch is achieved, the way a stretch is achieved on a scooter is the same from scooter to scooter. Instead of buying a longer swing arm, which is not possible in most cases on scooters, the engine, CVT, and wheel are all relocated towards the rear of the bike. However, just like their big bike cousins, many of the effects of moving the axle back are there. The bike will have less of a tendency to wheelie, it will be stable from mid-turn to straight, and won’t like tight corners. So, if you’re looking for a nimble scooter, you’ll want to stay away from most stretches. However, for you guys looking to maximize straight line speed and need something to help keep the front of the bike down as you accelerate, stretching the bike is something you should be looking towards. If anything, after making an engine choice, the stretch should be towards the top of the list of needed parts.

Norton Commando 961 Enliven American Market

Donington Park,Motorcycle Exclusive-Although in the period survive in the competitive business world motorcycle, Norton Motorcycle Company (NMC) seeks to strengthen the market. The British motorcycle manufacturer is bringing a new product, Commando 961, flew across the Atlantic to explore the U.S. market.

To achieve these objectives,  motorcycle cafe racer models must pass a series of tests the ability of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), CARB (California Air Research Board), and the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

961cc two-cylinder engine with liquid-cooled parallel, Norton Commando has taken 15,000 km endurance test, and it passed in the exhaust emissions and durability of components. And third examiner stated that the organization is unlikely Commando had a recall in the future.

Stuart Garner, CEO of NMC could not hide his delight after he led the company successfully entered the U.S. market, and grateful to all levels of management. "This is an important moment Norton after so long trying to enter the U.S. market. The company delivers high esteem for all design and production team worked on creating incredible vehicle, "he said.

Currently, Norton are focused to boost demand from the U.S. for 40 percent of total sales. After four years of struggling against bankruptcy, NMC can prove that they are still able to speak on the world stage.