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Slowly and ever so slowly I am setting into motion what I hope to be a successful business. By successful, I mean somewhere that provides excellent customer service with know-how and the good fortune of making an honest dollar. Yes, an honest dollar. I haven't forgotten what that is.

Here's the final draft for my company banner. Take a look and tell me whatcha think. :0)

2004 Honda Ruckus bogs down

Well, here it is the last semester of classes, and I'm totally stoked!

Apart from working on David's Harley last semester, this week, I got my hands on and successfully repaired a 2004 Honda Ruckus with some peculiar problems. The scooter, yes, scooter bogged down at full throttle. The scooter ran great providing you didn't want to do more than 5-10 miles an hour but when you opened her up, she fell flat on her face. After doing some internet searching I found that it was a common problem with the Ruckus but no one really posted a solution. So, here goes...

The very first thing I did was read the Fuel System section in the manual. From all the symptoms, the scooter behaved like it was running too lean. So, I checked was the filter and found a Briggs and Stratton Filter on it, not an OEM. Does it matter that it wasn't OEM? YES! Although the Briggs and Stratton filter looks similar it has LESS air flow restriction than the OEM. Remember I said it behaved like it was too lean? Walla! That was part of the problem. Don't be fooled by look-a-likes.

Moving on...I disassembled the carburetor and found the slow jet (the idle jet) clogged. I cleaned the carb and adjusted the idle because I thought it was idling too rough.

The next thing I did was reset the ECM input data. Reset the input data? Why would I do that? Because when you disconnect the TPS (Throttle Sensor Position) you must reset the ECM data. Don't believe me? Check it out yourself on page 6-8 of the manual. I know. It doesn't make any sense. Usually you only have a TPS when you have a Fuel Injector system. Well, not here folks and no, you can't conveniently bypass this step because the scooter isn't fuel injected.

Now that the Ruckus is in good working condition, I start working on a 1989 Virago. Yea me!
Keep you posted folks :0)

Oh, I didn't forget. Here's the info on resetting the ECM data:
(Taken directly from the Service Manual, page 17-10)


Hello and welcome

Hello everyone and welcome to my new Motor Chick Mechanic's blog.

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Yamaha XT 660 R New, Business Process Management

Yamaha XT 660 R New, Business Process ManagementA variety of new motor is now popping up this time (exclusive motorcycle) would like to discuss about the Yamaha XT 660 R New, apparently Yamaha XT 660 R has been in the complete range of features that sanagt suitable in use for the mountain lovers, to learn more about the Yamaha XT 660 R please refer to the specifications in below:
 Technical Specifications
Yamaha XT 660 R
Engine type
Bore x Stroke
Compression ratio
Max Power
Max Torque
Fuel system
Final drive
Ignition type
Starting system
Spark plug
Gear ratios

Liquid cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke, SOHC
100.0 x 84.0 mm
659 cc
4 valves per cylinder
48 hp (35.8 kW) @ 6000 rpm
58.4 Nm (43.1 ft. lbs) @ 5250 rpm
Fuel injection, 44 mm throttle body
Wet, multiple disc
Electric starter
Dry sump

1st 2.500
2nd 1.625
3th 1.150
4th 0.909
5th 0.769
Frame type
Overall length
Overall width
Overall height
Seat height
Ground clearance
Dry weight
Fuel capacity
Suspension (front)
Suspension (rear)
Tyre (front)
Tyre (rear)
Brake (front)
Brake (rear)

Steel tubular diamond frame with dual tank rails
2240 mm (88.2 inches)
850 mm (33.5 inches)
1235 mm (48.6 inches)
1500 mm (59.1 inches)
855 mm (33.7 inches)
200 mm (7.9 inches)
165 kg
15 litres

Telescopic fork
Monocross with linkage, 200 mm travel
Single disc 298 mm with 2-piston calipers
Single disc 245 mm with 1-piston calipers

Yamaha XT 660 R New, Business Process Management Includes useful and hopefully later on not to run out to buy stock, because it is limited.

Honda NSR 125 vs Aprilia RS 125 (Lost little)

Honda NSR 125 vs Aprilia RS 125 (Lost little)-The lovers (motorcycleexclusive) would still wonder if Honda NSR 125 in the race with Aprilia RS 125 Motor Europe who both use 2 stroke

      Many questions were asked after the video aired on the NSR 125 of which are Gear 125 is replaced and the owner said there was no change at all ... there is also a rider filed a statement of the RS 125 Aprilia RS got him faster than Yamaha TZR 125 and Suzuki RG 125 Gamma .. What does it mean ...? We are also confused
Honda NSR-125
Produksi tahun= 1988~2001
Engine=124 cc ,single cylinder, 2-stroke
Bore x Stroke =54 × 54.5 mm (2.1 × 2.15 in)
Power= 28 bhp (21 kW/ 28.55PS) @ 10500 rpm
Torque =1.92 kgf (13.9 lb·ft) @ 9800 rpm
Transmission= 6-speed manual
Front Brakes= Single disc with 2 piston caliper
Rear Brake =Single disc with single piston caliper
Front Tires= 100/80-17 Pirelli MT-45
Rear Tires= 130/70-17 Pirelli MT-45
Dimensions= L :2,075 mm,W: 670 mm
Seat height= 800 mm
Weight=138 kg   (dry)
Fuel capacity=13 L
Fuel consumption : 20 KM/L
Aprilia RS125
Engine 124.8 cc (2 stroke)
Nikasil coated aluminium cylinder block,
Power 15 bhp (11 kW)
Torque 14 lb·ft (19 N·m)
Front : 40 mm (1.6 in) upside down hydraulic fork.
Rear : Cast aluminium box section swingarm with asymmetric members.
Brakes 4 piston radial caliper
Tires Tubeless radial. Front 110/70 17”; rear 150/60 17″
Wheelbase 1,345 mm
Panjang= 1,950 mm
Lebar= 720 mm  at handlebars
Tinggi= 1,100 mm  at windshield
Seat height 805 mm
Weight 126 kg (280 lb) (dry)
Fuel capacity 14 l
Fuel consumption : 17.01 KM/L
 whether it's special NSR 125 engine? to cool the atmosphere and the eyes of my friend we provide a special bonus ... there are beautiful creature sightings

Video One Million "Like This" for DUCATI

Bologna, MOTORCYCLE EXCLUSIVE- While The earthquake rocked Italy, recently, it did not interfere with programs and plans Ducati. Manufacturer of large motorcycles (MOGE) of domestic celebration Pizza still hold aspirations of readers "Like" on the official page of Ducati on the social networking site Facebook, which amounted to 1 million people around the world, this is what makes MCE salute. Those who had participated were given a special video duration 2 minutes, the contents of the headquarters factory in Bologna, Italy. The concept, consumers like to visit.
Video One Million "Like This" for DUCATI-The vidio is apparent there are shown some facilities, a mini museum from the atmosphere, production lines, design, lined up some offisial Ducati accessory products. Not to forget, Ducati replacing the words "thank you" in 12 languages ​​around the world, which fit to participate in a facebook account.

Ducati fans from 20 countries, including Indonesia, which was recorded in the top six. Here are the details, Italy 278 151 people, India (113 735 persons), USA (89 430), France (49 353), Malaysia (37 789), Indonesia (36 319), Spain (29 735), Germany (25 315), English (25 102), Mexico (16 893), Greece (16 187), Thailand (14 742), Australia (14 679), Philippines (12 840), Colombia (10 413), Serbia (8696), Belgium (8542), Taiwan (8365), Canada (7950) and Brazil (7948).
Does Motorcyclle Exclusive buddy curious to see it? Consider the following impressions!

New TVS RTR Ready to enliven the market country

New TVS RTR Ready to enliven the market countryWell, ... Indonesia's two-wheeler market is very important to be taken into account ...! After the Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj, .. throw spy shots will be poured with the Pulsar 200ns market ... it is now their turn to participate manufacturer TVS play strategy ... as a teaser before the heating step in launching the product is ...! To be sure segmetn medium sport became the target ... because it's quite tasty ... where manufacturers Yamaha and Honda dominate this segment ...!

In India alone new RTRconsists of 3 types ... the 160cc, 180cc and 180cc Non-ABS ABS ...! New TVS RTR prices also vary from Rs 67 thousand s / d Rs 82 thousand ...! New TVS RTR motors power is achieved at 8500RPM ... 15.2Bhp and maximum torque at 6000rpm ... 13.1Nm! This motor uses front and rear brakes are disc brake ...! 90/90-17 front tire using the size and size 110/80-17 rear tire use ...either the front or rear tires are already using tubeless ...! Last, ... for consumers at least have a choice ... there has been no new RTR on the market price of the homeland.

Major Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in the United

Washington, Motorcycle Exclusive- Riding a motorcycle is one of the activities closest to death! The proof is in developed countries like the United States, recorded 4500 motorcyclists were killed on the road throughout 2011. The amount is equal to the previous year. It was presented by the research Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA).

From the annual report that was launched GHSA Motorcycle (05/24/2012), all accident data collected from 50 states and the District of Colombia. Some areas still report the data from January to September (except for California which have not entered the data in August and September). From these calculations, GHSA predict the number of full-year mortality.

MCE to see the report, in the first nine months of 2011, there were 3580 penngendara died in an accident. This amount is down 1.67 percent over the same period a year earlier.For the full year period, the number of lives lost reached 4376 people. Meanwhile, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) through the method of computation (Fatality Analysis Reporting System), 4502 inhabitants.

Price of Fuel
Still based on the report, the number of biker's life is directly proportional to the drift distance motorcycle riding. Other factors - are also included in the report - is the rise in gasoline prices. The more expensive fuel prices, pushing people prefer motorcyclesas a tool transpsortasi because it is considered more economical. Other, the death rate biker for 25 years back, also directly proportional to the number of registrations of new motorcycles in the Police.
In the first nine months of 2011, fatal accidents on the biker declined in 23 states. While 26 states (plus Washington) have increased. The State of Texas for example, had the highest death rate, that is, until 323 souls. Florida ranked second with 303 inhabitants (up from last year 292 people) and California accounted for 223 people.
New York
GHSA notes, bad weather helped to cause a decrease in accidents of motorcyclists last year. Because the condition causes interest rider go all the way down on his motorbike.In addition, the New York vigorous efforts to reduce accidents provide examples of safety training. The result, "The Big Apple" succeeded in reducing the mortality rate to 137 163 people from previous lives.
"In New York we ask riders always wear safety gear drive with bright colors to be seen by other road users. It's nice to see these efforts, in cooperation with state and local partners," beber Barbara J Fiala, Commissioner of New York consultancy State Department of Motor Vehicles.
GHSA also urges all riders to use helmets when driving. Because the helmet is used properly, reduce fatal injuries for the rider to be 37 percent and 41 percent of its lift

Minerva X-Road 150S On Review

MCE friend and gentlemen, Info from neighboring shanties that have been road tested against Minerva X-Road 150S, This bike has been used all day with very dense syang activity. The first we will discuss this bike is a matter of ergonomics. . . Ergonomics is how the riding position concerning the form of three variables that handle arms, butt (sorry) the seat and the footrest footstep. . .

Ergonomics in the Minerva Road 150S X-glance like sport touring bike, but remember that the handlebars are used by Minerva X-Road 150S is a kind of handlebar bar the rather long and wide. This will result in widening the reach of the hand. . . it seems looks dashing, but the MCE short-range arms, as well as quite pegel limb should often tense than relaxed. Handle bar itself is not high, but the raiser handlebars on top of a fairly high T,so no need to duck when driving.

Minerva X-Road 150S
is heavy so it is the perceived effect berbobobt when driving above 40 km / h. Created nikung. .. sense it is similar to the Yamaha Byson sanagt. . . The use of OEM tires IRC Road Winner RX 01 by MCE is an advancement of Manufacturing Minerva. . . These tires are believed many types of motors ranging from the Ninja 250R, CBR and Yamaha 150R/250R Byson. . . komponnya feel even more slippery than Battlax BT 45 when wet streets. .. Overall however, especially during dry road tire is more than enough so it would make the handling feels solid, especially when turning.

For MCE motor is quite heavy and is still high. . . but this is certainly not one of the bike, because the physical dimensions of the outrageous tiny MCE. MCE still tiptoe ballet visible when held upright bike

 Minerva X-road 150Sfeels underpowered. . . MCE is still yet to find its cause, because of the tires due to constriction of the muffler or the flicker is too long? Or it could be due to a combination of both. One obvious. . . Fairly minimal engine vibration and a change of gears is more subtle and smooth when compared with the variant Minerva R 150VX is pretty hard to feel a little vibration and switching gear. Top speed for the brave MCEg Geber is 108 km / h in a very quiet street

Speedometer accuracy
MCE also had time to test the speedometer in the Minerva accuracy designation X-Road 150S when compared to the garmin 60CSx GPS. . speedometer shows the speed 22 km / h GPS wach to figure 19.2 km / h. . . . It is common, and the majority are found in other motorcycle speedometers.

 Although it has dual disc brakes Minerva X-road is quite arguably, but not special. .. . front brake is still a bit 'mogokl'. . . probably because the path fluidanya 'cold', CMIIW. .. This is what causes the MCE my eyes go above 108 km / h. . . because the vehicle stopping distances at speed> 90 km / h rather long

Fuel consumption
Fuel consumption Minerva X-150S Road trip with one method that MCE is a test of 37.5 km / liter premium. . .

Suspension. .
front of the rear suspension Minerva X-Road 150S quite soft. .. . pretty good variable damping of the suspension

Quality Built
Now we will talk about the physical qualities of Minerva X-road 150S. Regarding the quality of the metal in the tank as it feels a little thinner, but this does not make it easy meletot tank when the instance of word diketok pake hand.. . Oh yes Detail 'bars' on the right side and left only a variation attached to the body and can be assembled according to the MCE. Actual order of these motors is the diamond-single cradle as usual motorcycle honda - tiger-old megapro

Electronic quality of Minerva X-Road 150S does not matter. Headlampnya bright lights, but the back of the speedometer light is too bright, so the numbers show speedometer is less clear. .. and turns the LED lights on the tank, in addition to functioning as DRL also flashes with the tone that alternates with a turn signal when the turn signal switch is turned on. . . niceone. . .