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The Winner Motogp Qatar 2012

The Winner Motogp Qatar 2012-Managed to achieve victory in defeating Jorge Lorenzo with Casey Stoner in Losail Circuit, Qatar. In a race called the 22 series in the desert circuit on Sunday (04.08.12) night, the Yamaha rider beat defending champion. In fact, Stoner, who won the previous five seasons at four wins, also lost in the Repsol Honda teammate Dani Pedrosa.

When the race three laps remaining, Stoner, Lorenzo and Pedrosa got beat, so the 2007 and 2011 world champion had to settle for number three on the podium. Motogp Qatar 2012 series opener was a prime era MotoGP 1000 cc engine. In this matter, MotoGP comes with an additional nine new face of the CRT team, which is a new category in the most prestigious class.

Qatar GP Results (Post-Rider-Team/Car-Time/Gap) motogp Qatar 2012

A. Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha 42m44.214s
2. Dani Pedrosa Honda 0.852s
3. Casey Stoner 2.908s Honda
4. Cal Crutchlow Tech 3 Yamaha 17.114s
5. Andrea Dovizioso Tech 3 Yamaha 17.420s
6. Nicky Hayden Ducati 28.413s
7. Alvaro Bautista Gresini Honda 28.446s
8. Stefan Bradl LCR Honda 29.464s
9. Hector Barbera Pramac Ducati 31.384s
10. Valentino Rossi Ducati 33.665s
11. Ben Spies Yamaha 56.907s
12. Colin Edwards Forward Suter-BMW 58.088s
13. Randy de Puniet Aspar Aprilia 1m10.650s
14. Yonny Hernandez Avintia FTR-Kawasaki 1m15.943s
15. Aleix Espargaro Aspar Aprilia 1m26.733s
16. Ivan Silva Avintia FTR-Kawasaki 1m43.327s
17. Mattia Pasini Aprilia 1m47.419s Speed ​​Master
18. James Ellison Paul Bird Aprilia 1m51.882s
19. Michele Pirro Gresini-Honda FTR 7 laps
Danilo Petrucci Ioda-Aprilia 15 laps
Karel Abraham Cardion Du
cati 7 laps

The New Honda Metropolitan With Injection System (PGM-Fi)

The New Honda Metropolitan  With Injection System (PGM-Fi)-Since 2009 the sale of the motor is stopped, Honda has launched the latest generation of Metropolitan scooter. This motor is getting a touch and a new heart pacemaker.

Of physical form, can be seen styling changes seen in the front and rear lights and turn signal. The control wheel and instrument panel also received reports directly from the Motorcycle upgrade. Tuesday (03/04/2012).

Injection system (PGM-FI) with a capacity of 50 cc was used as the heart of the spur. With these machines must have a fuel consumption Honda Metropolitan is also much more efficient. This motor is only 1 liter of fuel issued to 49.74 km.

In addition, the Honda Metropolitan, in terms of suspension, no change, after "motorcycle exclusive" check the brakes, but it still uses drum combined with a Combi Brake system for front and rear.

The plan, Honda Metropolitan is marketed in the U.S. starting in June next bunch and pricing starts at USD1.999 Honda Metropolitan. These scooters will also be available in three color options, among others, Pearl White, Pearl Black and Pearl Black / Red.

Bobby Petrino Motorcycle Accident

Bobby Petrino Motorcycle Accident-This event came as a surprise in their natural state, comes to an end suddenly and surprisingly in Arkansas.
Cuit Razorbacks coach has taken salaries are paid on a Thursday night for less than seven hours after his boss, athletic director Jeff Long, learn Petrino has failed to disclose he had been up with women half his age employees when his motorcycle skidded off the road over the weekend.
Petrino said he was worried about protecting his family and keep "inappropriate relationship from becoming public."
Bobby Petrino Motorcycle Accident-This is an amazing peristiw for a very successful coach who prides himself, he has been able to maintain strict privacy in his personal life. Petrino will now awaiting his fate while the length of their investigations.Bobby Petrino signed a new seven-year contract in December 2010 after completing three regular season at Arkansas. Contract, which for an average of $ 3,530,000 per year, has a clause in it that would allow Arkansas to dismiss Petrino to "engage in conduct, as solely determined by the university, which is clearly contrary to the character and responsibility of a person occupying the position head football coach or a negative or adversely affect the reputation of (college) athletic program in any way. "
The police report said Bobby Petrino rode with Dorrell when he lost control of his motorcycle. Dorrell said in the report that he was not sure what caused the accident, she recalled Petrino could not maneuver a turn and lay the bike down while sliding the left side of a rural, two-lane highway about 20 miles southeast of Fayetteville.
Bobby Petrino Motorcycle Accident Petrino said in the report that the wind and the sun caused the accident. The police report said Petrino and Dorrell picked up by a passerby to the intersection in southeast Fayetteville, where a police state to take Petrino to the hospital.

Secrets Injection System Honda PGM FI

Secrets Injection System Honda PGM FI-To prioritize the current Honda motorcycle technology PGMFI for small cc capacity, is important to be underlined that we are discussing here is for a small cc bike, it may be different from the injection system of a large cc motorcycles. Okeh's start. . . In General Scheme Injection PGM Fi system for small cc Honda Motor air such as PGM FI Step 4 is almost similar to the injection system Honda PGM Fi cc of air. To that end, please note the diagram below ..!. Honda is committed by the efficiency of multiple sensors. 
Secrets Injection System Honda PGM FI-Such as the MAP Sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure) which serves as a detector of intake manifold vacuum conditions as well as compression-decompression step detection, the sensor is removed and the switch task by optimizing the ECM (ECU) detects the compression process when the rotation speed slowed Via crankshaft Crankshaft Sensor Position Sensor (CKP).One else is lost in the injection system is the IAT sensor (Intake Air Temperature) and IACV (iddle Air Control Valve). IAT is a sensor that is used to determine the temperature of intake air into manipold, the colder the air temperature the greater the voltage that is sent to the ECU, so that supply fuel to the injectors are also getting bigger. The absence of the honda sensor is replaced by the task with the task of optimizing your O2 sensor in the system Close Loop. . . 
Have a friend "motorcycleEXCLUSIVE" confused with the above technical terms? PGM Fi ... basically in a small cc bike sensor work any savings. . . some of the sensor is reduced and its work transferred to other sensor according to Honda, CMIIWWhat is its value? Secrets Injection System Honda PGM FI The first is Costnya be lower for sure. The second is buried ECU control module ACG starter, so that we can find a Honda scooter can distarter almost without a word. And furthermore the application is an application Iddling stop system that could provide more value at the rate of fuel konsumesi. . but unfortunately in Skutik entry level and mid-end are not applied he he he. . .

Most Popular Motorcycles in America 2012

Most Popular Motorcycles in America 2012-The popularity of Harley-Davidson Yamaha undefeated American, Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, Yamaha. Tuning fork bearing manufacturers succeeded to the throne as the most popular motorcycle in the land of USA.

  Based on the Harris Poll survey of EquiTrend of the most popular brand for many types of goods, Yamaha motorcycle was selected as the most popular brand in the United States in 2012.

This year, the agency was surveying as many as 38 529 consumers over the age of 15 years commencing on January 31 to February 20, 2012. Each customer will be asked to rate 40 randomly selected brands.

For the motorcycle category, the names are competing on the most popular Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Harley-Davidson. Yamaha performing with the highest value of 50.88 points, and get rid of Harley-Davidson motorcycle had previously been the most popular brand in the United States, which stood at 50.53 points.

For the three other brands, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and recorded the average value of 48.20 points. Assessment was taken based on the quality of the brand, customer connections, and also news about the brand throughout the United States.

T-Rex Motorcycle is Full of Innovative Canadian

T-Rex  Motorcycle is full of innovative Canadian-Campagna (Combined car and motorcycle company's Canadian) has designed a futuristic motorcycle "T-Rex". Equipped with 2 chairs, 3-wheel cyclecar Using 1.4 L, 4-cylinder, "T-Rex Motorcycle" capable of accelerating 0-97 km / h (0-60 mph) in 3.5 seconds, with kecep The highest atan 253 km / h (157 mph). 
Although classified as a motorcycle, the interior can accommodate two passengers side-by-side, with adjustable seat backs, foot-pedal box, and 3-point retractable seat belt.
Manual transmission, controlled by hand, much like a car than a motorcycle transmission.

 T-Rex motorcycle has been commercially available since the early 1990s. The Campagna T-Rex was designed and styled by Deutschman Design. T-Rex can be seen in white on MTV Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory and black on Criss Angel Mindfreak A & E.
The new  T-Rex motorcycle continue to grow and innovate is what will happen next in Canada continues to review this .... follow from the "motorcycle exclusive" may be useful and just chewing on the chew,, hihihkz

CBR 150 The Competitive prices, with the ability Tested

CBR 150 The Competitive prices, with the ability Tested-No one denies if Honda CBR 150 looks very tempting. It looks sporty and sleek body, making motor sport is also a dream of every person and,,,,

After the admin "motorcycle exclusive" try to feel the performance of CBR 150 Repsol Edition. Riding potition bending characteristic of motor sport was immediately presented when sitting and holding the handle bars.

First Impression when riding a CBR 150 feels like it was Casey Stoner. Naturally, for striping bike ride was inspired by the Honda RC212V Repsol Honda team rider who won the 2011 MotoGP ago.
 CBR 150 Price

Each stop at red lights or place "admin motorcycle exclusive" flown, all eyes were fixed on this bike. Dominated by a striking orange color makes this bike so clear terlihat.beberapa people the chance to ask questions "How many cc bike? Costs how much?" asked users of the road at the red light. For information than Repsol Honda CBR 150R is priced $ 4250.

When wading through the capital, congestion was inevitable. However Repsol CBR 150R is able to offer comfort. When the conditions are on the crowded smoothly, handling motor is admirable. Because the motor is easily controlled when invited to "hysterical-slippage" between the cars.

Something worthy of pity is the mirror, in bad condition, CBR 150R just does not get through the narrow gap between the cars, because the mirror is too long stalk. To get through it, must be bent into the rearview mirror with the risk of losing its function.

CBR 150 Price ,When crossing the road is straight and quiet, CBR 150 can provide satisfaction for lovers of speed. Initial traction motor is quite aggressive although it was rather slow. This could be due to the use of front and rear gear ratio 15/44. But when I entered middle rounds you get ready just taken away. To reach the number 120 kph, CBR 150R Repsol easily reach it.

Honda CBR 150R equipped with single cylinder DOHC 4-valve equipped with a liquid cooling Fan Auto. In addition to using a six-speed transmission system is also equipped motorcycle fuel supply PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) works to meet exhaust emission standards Euro2. This machine is capable of producing power 13.1 Kw at 10,500 rpm and 26.66 Nm torque at 8500 rpm.

By flashing lights that can illuminate the object as far as 15 meters ahead. ... Will make you feel comfortable when you are driving at night. CBR 150 The Competitive prices, with the ability Tested