Honda Ruckus Scooter Service Manual

As an owner of the Honda Ruckus 2009 scooter,  I have found that doing my own maintenance is very easy and saves me an awful lot of money.  For my first maintenance, I took it in to the Honda store in Vancouver where I bought it, and was surprised to find the total came up to over $100.  I didn't make that mistake again; service on this machine, at least for the first 8000 kilometers, and for many of the ongoing service items, is fairly simple.

Oil changes take about 15 minutes and require very little mechanical skill; if you can use a socket wrench and pour oil into a funnel, you can do it very easily!  The other inspection items are also very easy to do yourself; things like brake wear, throttle operation, brake lever slack, suspension travel, and cleaning the engine breather drain tube, are all very simple to do yourself and can save you a lot of money.

All you really need is the service manual.  I had a hard time finding one but eventually came upon a PDF copy. 

You can find the Ruckus Service Manual HERE.

This is for the 2003-2007 version but there are very few changes and most information still applies. You can even use a lot of it to service the Honda Jazz or Metropolitan since they share a lot of the same components and the same 50cc 4-stroke engine.  You may want to check the recommended oil for your model. I have been using Honda 4-stroke 10W40 motorcycle oil and it runs well.  I may switch to 10W30 next oil change since that's the one which is actually recommended for my model, but with the warmer weather now, the 40 stuff should be fine.

There are of course some things that are a bit harder to service, but this manual will take you through the first 8000 kilometers, and also allows you to do troubleshooting and repair of lots of other things.

Happy riding!