"Yamaha Nouvo SX 2013" Shown Spoprty And Elegant

Sportsmanship, plus elegant. That picture of "Yamaha Nouvo SX 2013". With a machine that has been perfected with the latest technology, which tergres, FI aka YMJET-injection engine currently "Yamaha Nouvo SX 2013" has been present in Vietnam.

"Yamaha Nouvo SX 2013" Shown Spoprty And Elegant-The body looks more elegant and dynamic. Aura sporty new Yamaha motorcycle covers, headlights follow the line of the triangular model of the fairing. At the stern and made ​​separate turn signal.

There are also digital Multi Information Display (MID) as a premium motorcycle. This feature provides information tripmeter, odometer and fuel consumption will make the "Yamaha Nouvo SX 2013" more perfect.

  "Yamaha Nouvo SX 2013" also has idbekali 125 cc engine that had been using injection technology YMJET FI, mean esbelumnya version that is still off the carburetor.

Feature highly in need adalaha trunk, trunk "Yamaha Nouvo SX" is widely suitable for storing a helmet.