Prototype Honda Ruckus in Thailand

Prototype Honda Ruckus in Thailand-Not to be outdone by other manufacturers, Honda Thailand launched a new prototype in the event the Bangkok International Motor Show 2012. This time, presenting the latest generation of Honda Ruckus scooter or in other countries known as the Honda Zoomer.

The latest generation of Honda Ruckus looks more fresh and dynamic design. Body indentations more pronounced and the selection of bold colors dominated the color orange. As reported by the Motorcycle, Sunday (04/01/2012).

All you need in acungi thumb is to maintain Honda Ruckus hallmark of this. Form of handlebar and front lights are the same as the previous generation, shape and large tires ukuiran. This motor is often used as guidance in the modification of low raider motorcycle.

More information about the prototype Honda Ruckus, whilst still maintaining the hallmark of the headlights, but when the perhaikan further,,, look no refresher is happening in front of the lamp, with a slightly less rigid and rear suspension to get the new model.

Prototype Honda Ruckus in Thailand -Meanwhile, the Honda Ruckus is still in prototype form and Honda Thailand plans to soon launch a production version. After that, the Honda Thailand will take to the stage of mass production.