Minerva X-Road 150S On Review

MCE friend and gentlemen, Info from neighboring shanties that have been road tested against Minerva X-Road 150S, This bike has been used all day with very dense syang activity. The first we will discuss this bike is a matter of ergonomics. . . Ergonomics is how the riding position concerning the form of three variables that handle arms, butt (sorry) the seat and the footrest footstep. . .

Ergonomics in the Minerva Road 150S X-glance like sport touring bike, but remember that the handlebars are used by Minerva X-Road 150S is a kind of handlebar bar the rather long and wide. This will result in widening the reach of the hand. . . it seems looks dashing, but the MCE short-range arms, as well as quite pegel limb should often tense than relaxed. Handle bar itself is not high, but the raiser handlebars on top of a fairly high T,so no need to duck when driving.

Minerva X-Road 150S
is heavy so it is the perceived effect berbobobt when driving above 40 km / h. Created nikung. .. sense it is similar to the Yamaha Byson sanagt. . . The use of OEM tires IRC Road Winner RX 01 by MCE is an advancement of Manufacturing Minerva. . . These tires are believed many types of motors ranging from the Ninja 250R, CBR and Yamaha 150R/250R Byson. . . komponnya feel even more slippery than Battlax BT 45 when wet streets. .. Overall however, especially during dry road tire is more than enough so it would make the handling feels solid, especially when turning.

For MCE motor is quite heavy and is still high. . . but this is certainly not one of the bike, because the physical dimensions of the outrageous tiny MCE. MCE still tiptoe ballet visible when held upright bike

 Minerva X-road 150Sfeels underpowered. . . MCE is still yet to find its cause, because of the tires due to constriction of the muffler or the flicker is too long? Or it could be due to a combination of both. One obvious. . . Fairly minimal engine vibration and a change of gears is more subtle and smooth when compared with the variant Minerva R 150VX is pretty hard to feel a little vibration and switching gear. Top speed for the brave MCEg Geber is 108 km / h in a very quiet street

Speedometer accuracy
MCE also had time to test the speedometer in the Minerva accuracy designation X-Road 150S when compared to the garmin 60CSx GPS. . speedometer shows the speed 22 km / h GPS wach to figure 19.2 km / h. . . . It is common, and the majority are found in other motorcycle speedometers.

 Although it has dual disc brakes Minerva X-road is quite arguably, but not special. .. . front brake is still a bit 'mogokl'. . . probably because the path fluidanya 'cold', CMIIW. .. This is what causes the MCE my eyes go above 108 km / h. . . because the vehicle stopping distances at speed> 90 km / h rather long

Fuel consumption
Fuel consumption Minerva X-150S Road trip with one method that MCE is a test of 37.5 km / liter premium. . .

Suspension. .
front of the rear suspension Minerva X-Road 150S quite soft. .. . pretty good variable damping of the suspension

Quality Built
Now we will talk about the physical qualities of Minerva X-road 150S. Regarding the quality of the metal in the tank as it feels a little thinner, but this does not make it easy meletot tank when the instance of word diketok pake hand.. . Oh yes Detail 'bars' on the right side and left only a variation attached to the body and can be assembled according to the MCE. Actual order of these motors is the diamond-single cradle as usual motorcycle honda - tiger-old megapro

Electronic quality of Minerva X-Road 150S does not matter. Headlampnya bright lights, but the back of the speedometer light is too bright, so the numbers show speedometer is less clear. .. and turns the LED lights on the tank, in addition to functioning as DRL also flashes with the tone that alternates with a turn signal when the turn signal switch is turned on. . . niceone. . .